This is What You Do When it Snows in April

What do you do when it snows in the spring? You act like your kid does. You accept it and just be. I snapped this shot  from our back window. My wistful girl having a moment alone in the snow Рsaying a fond farewell.



Dinos in the Snow

Are we ever happy to be able to explore outside again!!! There was a while there where it was just cruelty to even suggest taking a walk around the block at this house.  Cooping up kids who are used to observing and exploring nature in the great outdoors is so painful. However, even when we were down with colds and the wind howled at our door, we found a fun way to play in the snow: we brought it in!

It’s amazing how, even the most familiar of toys, got new life when they played in the snow. We’ve done this with our avengers, our farm animals and, most recently, our dinosaurs! ROAR!