Jackson Pollock: A Study in Ice

Freezing temperatures followed by a little melting and then some serious ice action is a perfect recipe for breaking your neck BUT (and here’s the great thing) it also offers an excellent opportunity to learn about the art of Jackson Pollock. No really! Bear with me here for a sec!

Check it… who knew that ice cube painting can teach your little one about the science of temperature and melting at the same time that it can be used to create works of art to mimic the “drip painting” style that Pollock is so famous for?

We talked a bit about drips falling off a brush and then we watched as drips began to fall from our own ice cube brushes! We used a quality watercolour paper so that we could truly see the full effect of the food colour paint as it dried.

To make your own drip paintings and to learn about melting – have your little one put drops of food colouring into an ice cube tray. Fill with water (carefully) and at the half way frozen mark insert short wooden skewers. In truth, I knew I would forget them as soon as they went into the freezer so I covered the whole tray with saran wrap and then stabbed each cube with the stick. I know there must be a better way¬† … it will be an evolutionary process – maybe tin foil and popsicle sticks next time.

In any case! Simple simple and joyful masterpiece that requires everyone to learn the lessons of patience as you wait for the ice to freeze either outside or in the freezer.

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