Wild Winter


Oh. My. Goodness. What a wild winter we are having! My sister-in-law lives in Boston and so I am not allowed to complain about the snow and – quite frankly – I don’t really mind the stuff. (Right now the three bright red cardinals at my feeder look very fetching against the blankety white backdrop). But brrrr…. it is cold!!! And we feel a bit trapped indoors especially now that our little one arrived early. We have had about a month to get to know each other now and I will admit – he’s damn lovely! Here is our little Vincent Amos. He is named loosely after both Vince Neil and Tori Amos. Yes. I know. But – can I just say in our defense? – it was the closest my man and I could come to a good compromise that wouldn’t completely tarnish our child forever. Winter 008

So yes. A crazy wild winter so far. The stress was high in January. In the day or two surrounding Vincent’s birth our furnace broke, some truck driver ripped off my bumper while we were doing our big stock-up-before-the-baby-arrives grocery shop, I got the bloody show, Chad’s car broke down, and then I went straight into labour on January 15th with Vincent arriving on January 16th in the morning. Glaaaahhhh!!  But you know, I think about women giving birth in war torn countries and can’t bring myself to feel too sorry for myself. All my friends, family and neighbours have been blessings in my life. How does anyone do this having kids thing without an awesome mom who lives 10 minutes away? Truly. I don’t know.

Wcareere’ve been trying to keep some semblance of normal in our house and for this bookish household that means “keep on reading!” So I am finishing up My Brilliant Career as part of my ‘Reading the Classics from A-Z‘ objective. (I am at the Letter F – for Franklin). Great laid back reading and perfect for balancing my hormones out. I had started reading a book about a communist work camp and thought better of it about day 3 after having Vincent home. I just could not cry any more than I already was crying with the hormones you know? But “Career’ is about the life of Stella Maria Sarah Miles Franklin and her coming of age in the Australian bush lands. Absolutely worth picking up and a nice distraction from the chill.

Althea is also adjusting well to the arrival of little man (“when is he going to play with dinos though please?”) and reading is a big part of keeping us on track and bringing joy and connection into our pre-nap and bedtime rituals. Here is Althea’s “Wild Winter” book shelf!

Winter 012