Prenatal Practice


I’ve found it hard to carve out time for just me and my new little one. Now that I’m heading into the last trimester I know that I need to spend some time getting to know him especially since he is definitely attempting to communicate with me. His movements tell me when he likes a particular piece of chocolate I’ve eaten, when he needs a good stretch and when he wants to let dad know he’s listening to his voice. With my first child, I was aware of all these things at all times and was in a state of semi-awe for the majority of the pregnancy. I made sure to slow down and touch base with her regularly when she was in the womb. This time – not as much. So. I decided. It’s time for me and my little guy. We joined a prenatal yoga class in our community at Centre Yoga Aylmer. Last night was the first session.

I stumbled along the stone-lined path leading from the parking lot to the studio located in a small heritage home in my town. It was dark and the rain was coming down so I wasn’t actually sure I had the right spot but when I opened the door and was greeted by three women with beautiful round bellies – I knew I had found the place. Several of the women had been to the studio before and eagerly requested that the instructor light the wood stove in the corner of the room to ward off the November chill outside. These same women just as eagerly clamoured for it to be turned off as the class got under way. Squats, push ups, salutations and hip openers had us all working out our “sitali breathing’ (cooling yoga breaths) as we remembered that everything is heavier and harder right now.

So good to be together with these women and with my baby. And what a cute little studio right near home! Next season I think Althea and I might check out the family yoga classes on the weekend while daddy bonds with Vincent.


Celebrating a Season

Fall 2014 018

Fall 2014 009

Fall 2014 024

Fall 2014 026

My little outdoor explorer made many valuable discoveries this beautiful Autumn season!

  1. Acorns hurt when they land on your head.
  2. Leaves are most beautiful when the sun shines through them both outdoors and in! (See our beautiful stain glass leaf window inspired by The Artful Parent above).
  3. Many pumpkins in the pumpkin patch look promising from a distance but may actually be smelly and broken when you try to pick them up.
  4. Outdoor picnics can and should continue into the fall. (Gumpy Gump recommends that you always leave your apple core for a local squirrel).
  5. Beaver dams are awesome and beavers will hide in them for a very long time despite you calling out “Helloooooo! Beeeeaaaavers!”

We did have some rare rain days here in the Gatineau Hills. Days where we focused on learning our letters and exploring sensory bins inspired by the Preschool Journey curriculum over at Teaching Mama. Favs included the “Ocean” bin with blue water beads, the “Apples and Acorns” bin and (of course) our “Clouds and Cars” bin with a smash up derby that took place in the cloud dough heavens! We also learned that these are best explored with friends where we learned to take turns, to giggle and to generally enjoy the controlled chaos. (Word to the wise mama – keep close watch on these sensory activities especially when they involve beads or jello… gah!)

Despite the occasional bouts of rain we learned to run in our rubber boots on grassy trails and that a hot cocoa and good book cannot fail to warm the spirits. Al’s Dada installed the cute picture book rails you see above and we promptly filled them with some of our fall selections from both the library and our own collection.

Top Shelf

  1. All for Pie and Pie for All
  2. If I Were an Owl
  3. Angus Lost
  4. Mouse’s First Fall

Middle Shelf

  1. Very Hairy Bear
  2. Who Loves the Fall?
  3. Autumn Leaves

Bottom Shelf

  1. Duck at the Door
  2. The Busy Little Squirrel
  3. Bear says Thanks