A Seemingly Quiet Day at Home

coffeeI am at home with my girl full time. Do I miss the money? Yes. Do I feel richer today? Yes. Because life is so good I don’t feel the need to defend my decision to others but on occasion I feel so happy with my days that I feel I have to defend my decision to myself.  I think to myself that it must be wrong to be so happy. I’m so accustomed to success being linked to money making that I am not sure how to determine whether or not I am contributing to our family. In my past, happiness was reserved for the moments when I was not working. So I often ask myself if I’m being lazy.  Is the fact that I’m so happy with my work an indicator that I am not, in fact, working?

So I decided to put  it to the test.  Today I tracked everything (no seriously every little thing) I did to really see what this stay at home mom’s life is made of.  I invite you to skim it if you feel you need to re”cognize” all the little things that are actually the big things that go into making a house a home, raising an empowered and enlightened child, and structuring a joyful day whether you’re a stay at home parent or not. Mostly, I write this for myself to review and remember that I am – even on the quiet and lovely days in the sunshine – working. Working and filled with joy.

Voila! A handy colour-coded legend:





Playing and Socializing

Entrepreneurial Activities

Self Care


  • Immediately inquire after her temperature. It’s down! Ok. This will be a good day!
  • Sunny day too! Notice dust on armoir. Dust it.
  • Put a sweater on her over her jams
  • Get her a fresh milk
  • Pull out new toys for free play
  • Make sure something is thawing for dinner
  • Make beds and judgement call on when to launder sheets
  • Put out outfit for her
  • Take down old art work to recycle
  • Put on load of laundry and wipe down laundry shelf
  • Adjust mats in laundry room
  • Organize new laundry sorting system upstairs


  • Make breakfast (two fruit, one protein, one carb)
  • Choose composer of the week – Wagner!
  • Examine hives on Althea’s face
  • Clean up breakfast dishes
  • Wipe table and crumbs from chair
  • Sweep kitchen and dining floor
  • Think about product vs. service model for my business
  • Help Althea with a fine motor skill activity. Have her teach it to me to solidify skill set
  • Decide to sit through Ride of the Valkyries for the sake of her musical exposure. Glah!
  • Pretend to be a honey bear in a cave
  • Choose a good PBS show for her to watch
  • Ask her questions about Cat in the Hat while combing out knots in her hair with detangler.
  • Organize play date schedule
  • Check Artsy Startsy facebook page post

9:00 -10:00

  • Room time with CBC classical music program in background
  • Sort more laundry
  • Fine motor skill guidance with lego
  • Tidy
  • Change out bath mats and towels
  • Listen to programming on free play philosophy
  • Teach difference between hammer and hamburger
  • Guide her to clean up toys before moving on to new ones
  • Get dressed
  • Potty time
  • Replenish TP supply
  • Teach hand washing and dressing skills as well as patience
  • Put on make up and fix hair
  • Text sister about meals and exercise
  • Call mom


  • Tidy
  • Prepare for walk (load stroller with water/towel in case play structures are wet)
  • Go back for hats, play dough, and sun screen
  • Walk to park
  • Teach her to keep hat on in the sun
  • Talk to her about listening to mommy
  • Press leaves, twigs, blades of grass into play dough and examine imprints
  • Listen for bird calls. Try to identify birds
  • Pick up and throw out trash for spring clean initiative in our town
  • Meet kindred spirit at the park. Lovely woman with a love of latin music
  • Before going, talk to Althea about how to leave the park without getting upset and crying  – success!
  • Walk home


  • Come inside and take off shoes and hats before trying the potty
  • Set up big book basket on the couch for her while I prepare lunch (three veg, two protein, one carb)
  • Encourage her to try a vegetable she hasn’t had in a while – success!
  • Clear plates
  • Set up afternoon craft invitation to draw
  • Story time
  • Potty time
  • Put her down for nap
  • Change for workout and workout
  • Shower and dress
  • Phone chat with Chad
  • Read outside (curse neighbour’s chain saw)
  • Fill and clean bird bath


  • Get fresh juice ready for her
  • Clean bathroom
  • Wake her with a poem and playing with puppets
  • Manage tantrum
  • Change her to cooler clothes for afternoon
  • Guide her to start afternoon craft
  • Allow her to manage her second tantrum alone
  • Begin supper
  • Fill spice container
  • Make list of some required groceries
  • Set up next craft outdoors
  • Put on her hat/shoes for outdoor play!
  • Teach frustration management as she learns to put on shoes
  • Peel potatoes in yard while supervising her play
  • Push her on the swing
  • Guide her in second craft
  • Get her a small snack
  • Wipe patio table
  • Change paper towels kitchen


  • Manage tantrum
  • Help with craft
  • Send her inside to cool down from another tantrum
  • Clean up craft paint
  • Check Artsy Startsy facebook page
  • Play restaurant with lots of please, thank you and you’re welcomes
  • Call friend to let her know we are feeling better
  • Prepare dinner
  • Wash dinner preparation dishes
  • Serve dinner
  • Wipe and clear table
  • Help dry dishes
  • Take out trash and compost


  • Run around the yard with the family
  • Write blog post
  • Take out new toy for free play
  • Read stories together as a family
  • Put her to bed
  • Put her back to bed
  • Write blog post
  • Check on her
  • Read
  • Sleep

Disney Sundays

snowwhiteI ask you – what ever happened to the Wonderful World of Disney? Remember Sunday nights as a kid at 6pm everyone would get cuddled in and watch a good old classic Disney movie?  During the holidays we used to watch the Disney compilations of cartoons. At Christmas we’d see snippets of Bambi on the ice and Chip and Dale wreaking havoc in Mickey’s Christmas tree.  I miss all that stuff. I really do.

Well! In this house we have started up the tradition again!  Every Sunday evening we pop popcorn and watch a Disney cartoon. We started with Snow White and we are now up to the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Recently we have added to the ritual. Throughout the week, after watching a classic Disney animation, we turn on the sound track of whatever movie we had watched. If we have the book we also bring that out regularly throughout the week. The Little Golden Book versions feature some of the original art work selected for each movie. We read and sing along off and on all week. It’s a total throw back to the old Disney books we used to have as children with the little sleeve for the little 45 record.


Some things are sacred you know? Sunday night Disney nights are one of those things. Hopefully, Disney will eventually get over it’s princess-craze and get back to the good old days. In the meantime, we will do our best to revive it in our own little way!