I made this! …all by myself.

eastercraftNo really. All by myself.

So… here’s how this went down. Althea went down for a nap and I prepared everything for a fabulous Easter craft:

1. Cut up the bottom of a paper lunch bag to form the nest

2. Set it out with pencil crayons on the craft table.

3. Cut up pieces of yarn and got out the glue stick.

4. Cut out little chickens and drew eyes on them

5. Cut up some feathers for wings

6. Cut out egg shapes

7. Cut out little chicken beak shapes

8. Literally all the kid has to do is glue it all together.

Ready! Ok! Now Althea wakes from her nap and while I’m putting away a few books she has already made her way to the craft table and is colouring the nest! This is gonna be fun! Right?

No. No it is not. Here’s what actually happened:

1. She is colouring the bottom of the paper bag that nobody will see. I encouraged her to colour all sides of the “nest.” She whined about it and threw her pencil crayons on the ground breaking one.

2. I could not get the pencil sharpener to work. I missed my electric sharpener I had when I had a desk job.

3. I handed her the glue stick to cover the nest with yarn. She put glue here and there and then tried to place the yarn in the spots without glue yelling “it’s not working!”

4. I glued on the yarn.

5. I encouraged her to glue on the beaks and wings. Same issue. Sigh… Really?

6. Ok! Just put glue all over the bird. Lots! No LOTS LOTS! No that’s not enough and it’s already drying. Just gimme the glue stick!

6. I glued on the beaks and wings.

7. Althea left the table.

8. I glued in the birds and eggs.

9. I realized what had just happened but – sadly – was still kind of proud of what I had made. All by myself!

10. Guilt. It always ends with a mother’s guilt doesn’t it?

But it’s so pretty right??? Deep breath. Tomorrow will be better…


Books in our Basket

bearAlthea and I cut ourselves off from the world several times this winter due to colds, the blasted wind and sometimes both . Here’s the thing that sometimes happens to stay at home moms in such situations – you get accustomed to being alone with your child. Suddenly, you find you would prefer to be alone and, occasionally, you cringe when you are invited to something. You begin to focus on what would be required (energy) to actually prepare to leave the house. Always, I need a shake up to remind me to get out and about and to invite others into our space.

Althea has been reading A Visitor for Bear  by Bonny Becker. This is a lovely tale of a bear who rejects the visits of a little gray mouse to his home until he finds himself very much enjoying the mouse’s company.

The fact is, when we have friends over, Althea is always happier, whines less, is better able to amuse herself independently, and sleeps like a rock during nap time. Most importantly, I am reminded of how valuable a cup of tea by the fire, a nibble of cheese and a good laugh with an old friend can be.


Barbe a papa

Last weekend, we headed out to our little town’s very first Fete de l’erable. It was so nice to be out in our community and even nicer to be sampling all things sweet and lovely! We tried maple syrup water (for use in cooking) at the Chorizo et chevre noir cheese and sandwich shop and the beautiful flowing barbe a l’erable over at our little Moca Loca – the area’s favourite coffee shop.


In french, cotton candy is called “barbe a papa” which literally translates to “father’s beard.” Isn’t that a charming name? There is a strange sensation eating something that feels like fleece but it melted on the tongue like a syrup-drizzled cloud. Althea thoroughly enjoyed!


We rounded out our sugar-laden afternoon with a stop in to Beatrice et chocolats to pick up our Easter treats for the cousins who are visiting for a short while from the Boston area at Easter time.  For little Ian a small milk chocolate egg so that he doesn’t get too wound up on the two day drive home and for our sweet Della-Louise a milk chocolate kitty cat! Mee-ow!


Well. We are hooked. The only thing for it is a trip to the sugar bush this coming weekend at the Sucrerie Alary up the line in Luskville.