Talking of Michaelangelo

Arts and crafts are so much more fun – for mama – when they can be educational for me too!  It’s always fun to provide some context for a craft. I think this is why we like the holidays. Theme-based and holiday based crafts have always been the bomb. But what about crafts based on artistic styles? It allows me as a mom to do a bit of research about an artist and time period in art that is intriguing to me and that enriches my artistic awareness.

I showed Althea some online video of the Sistine chapel and told her that it was painted on the ceiling!! Woah. That’s pretty neat stuff. So we tried it!

We pulled out the piano bench and unfolded a soft mattress underneath it (a yoga mat would have done just as well). Imagine that – underneath was taped a piece of craft paper to be coloured and crayons in the piano bench at the ready! Time to create the next great pièce de résistance my little Michaelangelo…



Sock Rainbow

Got folding? This is a simple and beautiful activity that Althea thoroughly enjoys. After doing a big batch of laundry, we throw the socks down on the ground and sort them by size and colour. One is always missing but that’s alright. Once we had them all folded I pulled out our colourful cups and we played colour match some more. Great way to spend a rainy day. socks

“Guy”ly Girl


The issue of gender is always a hot topic in playgroups and with family and even as we wade through selections on Netflix. It is next to impossible to find “gender neutral” shows, toys and clothes. The options seem to be to raise a tomboy or a princess. But here’s the truth. Althea just plays. She loves My Little Pony and Hot wheels.  If the picture above seems incongruous to grown minds that is because we’ve been caught up in our gendered views of the world. We’ve forgotten how to just play. I strongly recommend a game of dinosaur dress-up.